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Libelle Beech Salon Hiring

This Is Us

Come be a part of something bigger. We've been waiting for you. 


Skin care facial treatment

Dear fun loving, motivated, team seeking professional, 


We are team who first and foremost are like a tribe and we always take care of each other and we leave no man stranded and we are always ready to lend a helping hand, regardless of the task at hand. We are professional but fun! We believe we are all responsible and play a vital role in taking care of our guests and salon home and building a lasting relationship with each guest that comes into our company. We each play a vital role to not only each others growth but the growth of the company and we are always striving to achieve great things in life! We believe good is the enemy of great. After all we weren’t made to be mediocre! We have big plans and we fully intend on achieving and fulfilling those dreams!


We take our craft very seriously and believe in delivering our best work, therefore continuing education plays a vital role in our company. In fact, we even have our very own brand educator on the team! In fact, she is our salon owner! Rachel Beechboard is a proud Joico educator and has worked on many stages inside the U.S. and outside the U.S. with some of our industries top leaders! Which means we get the best education at our finger tips at all times!


Blonde and color services 95% of what we do but we also offer Men’s & Women’s haircuts, facial waxing services, keratin treatments as well as natural nail services and, now facials and body waxing. There is nothing better than a buzzing and busy salon! We also offer scheduled lunch breaks and we have many more benefits coming soon! 


We like to keep a welcoming, clean and professional atmosphere but occasionally we like to kick things up a notch and play some Michael Jackson or Guns N Roses. And you may even think we’ve fallen off our rocker because we walk around talking to each other in secret code quite often! You may even find us decked out in funny Halloween costumes or tacky Christmas sweaters just to get a smile out of our guests! We love to have fun while staying busy!




Some of our current benefits include:

  • Internal Training Program 

  • Paid Sick Time 

  • Guaranteed Pay 

  • Team Rewards

  • Paid Vacation 

  • Career Growth Plan

  • Personal & Professional Development  


And we aren’t done yet! We plan to offer many more great benefits in the near future! Be ready for the long haul as we are looking for team members who intend on the taking their career far into the coming years with us! 


If this sounds like home or like you would love our crazy but fun salon family then there’s no mistake that you should reach out to us! This could be the start of something really amazing! Send your resume to or add it below!  We can’t wait to meet you! 

Apply here! 

Thanks for submitting! We will be in touch shortly!

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