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Enjoy one or many of our luxury services by our team of trained professionals.

Color Services

Our team has been trained and is skilled to provide all color services at an expert level. You can rest assured you are in good hands with any stylist on our team. We use Joico for our premier color line. Joico is infused with K-pak Reconstructor, leaving the hair fully restored from the inside out, as well as Argi-Plex technology, delivering amazing shine, color longevity like no other and healthier beautiful hair! Our team can customize any color service with any of our other top notch services to customize your desired results. All color services with come with a consultation, maintenance schedule and a customized at home care regimen. We don't believe in letting any of our guests leaving with wet hair so all color services include a blowout service. If you have extra length or extra thick hair, please let our guest care team know so we ensure proper time for your services.
*For a more exact quote and customized color plan we suggest a consultation.*

*When booking online you will be asked to reserve your appointment with a credit card. Once you set up an account and a valid credit card and book the appointment you will receive a notification that the appointment has been booked. If you do not receive this notification please give us a call at 615-784-4620!*

Root Retouch


Enjoy 100% grey coverage or touching up the natural regrowth to match the previously colored hair from half to 1 inch of regrowth. *More than 1 inch regrowth could result in additional color charge.*

Root Retouch & Blowout $95

Root Retouch & Haircut $110 
Add a color retouch to any other color, highlight or speciality color service for $60.

All Over Color


Scalp to ends customized color done in one single process. There are no highlights/lowlights the entire hair is the same color.

All Over Color & Blowout $120

All Over Color & Haircut $135 



Customized Highlights or lowlights to create bright blondes or add dimension into the hair! Our team customizes each highlight/lowlight service for your desired result. Our highlight services includes a gloss toner to achieve proper tonality and to ensure the hair cuticle is closed for optimal health of the hair. Defy Damage professional treatment is included with our highlight services to ensure the strength and integrity of the hair is maintained. 

Half Head Highlight with Blowout $125

Half Head Highlight with Haircut $145

Full Head Highlight with Blowout $165

Full Head Highlight with Haircut $185

*Add a face framing highlight/lowlight to a color retouch or all over color service for $65!*

Color Melt


Color melting is a technique that blends highlights with the base color of your hair so there’s no harsh lines or clear distinction between the different colors.
Whether you’re getting highlights, lowlights, going darker or trying a new hair color, color melting is all about that flawless melted effect. Multiple shades are used in color melt hair to create the smooth transition. It’s a great hair color technique that makes any hair color look like it could’ve happened naturally. With color melting, the colors in your hair should blend together so flawlessly that you shouldn’t be able to tell where one hair color ends and another begins. 
Color Melt & Blowout $165

Color Melt & Haircut $185 

Base Breaker 


Base breaker is a quick service for blonde to diffuse to natural regrowth line to give blondes a more natural grow out phase without the hair line of demarcation. This service is recommended as an add on for our highlight services.

Shadow Root 


Add a shadow root to any lightening service to add depth to the root era. Shadow root helps during the grow out phase by blending your natural color into your highlights for the perfect blend. The shadow root service can be a natural color or a vivid color if you want to have some fun!



Add a gloss/glaze/toner for the perfect ending to any color service or a great add on to a color retouch service. Our Joico gloss is available in over 100 shades including clear and provides shine, helps aid in closing the hair cuticle, replenishing strength in the hair while providing UV protection!

Speciality Artistic Color Services

*Prior consult may be needed for artistic color services*

Our speciality color services include- Highlights, Balayage, Foilayage, and Ombre´ services. We pride ourselves on taking the time and necessary steps to help meet your hair goals in a healthy way. We also must close the hair cuticle after each specialty color service to ensure proper tonality and to help give the color longevity so each speciality color service comes with a customized gloss/glaze/toner. Our staff will customize a schedule for maintenance as well as a proper care plan for at home as well.



Pronounced BAH-LEE-AHGE, balayage is actually a French word meaning ‘sweeping,’ as in to sweep on lightener or color to create soft, natural looking highlights. Balayage is the technique of free-hand painting highlights onto the hair, creating a soft and natural gradation of sun kissed lightness towards the ends. The result is the look of summers spent at the beach, unintentionally perfect highlights as a child would have after a summer in the sun. This natural-looking highlighting technique is not just for blondes, you can add balayage to any shade of hair color for that soft, sun kissed result. 

Add a face framing balayage to any color retouch or all over color for $65!

Half Head Balayage with Blowout $140

Half Head Balayage with Haircut $165

Full Head Balayage with Blowout $185

Full Head Balayage with Haircut $210

*Add a face framing balayage to an all over color or root retouch for $65!*



Foilayage gives the results of a balayage while giving the natural soft sweep of color but allows the hair to get lighter and blonder results.
Add a face framing foilayage to any color retouch or all over color for $65!
Half Head Foilayage with Blowout $140
Half Head Foilayage with Haircut $165
Full Head Foilayage with Blowout $185
Full Head Foilayage with Haircut $210

Vivid Artistic Color

$95 Per Hour

Were you born to stand out? Then our vivid artistic color is exactly what you want! Our vivid artistic color consist of a platinum canvas service, if needed, and a fully customized vivid color with Joico Color Intensity! Our Joico Color Intensity adds shine to the hair while also reconstructing and nourishing the hair leaving you with healthy, beautifully colored hair. Colors range from pastels, to bright purples to metallics! Depending on the desired results and the canvas our team is starting with these services can take 3-6 hours. Consultation required before booking this service.

Platinum Canvas


Scalp to ends lightening service. Includes gloss toner as well as a reconstructing treatment during the service. Platinum canvas can take 3-6 hours depending on your hair color history.

Platinum Canvas Retouch


Lighten and gloss tone regrowth area for platinum blondes. To avoid brass we suggest regrowth of no more than 1/2 inch. 
Platinum Canvas Retouch & Blowout $150
Platinum Canvas Retouch with Haircut $175

Color Correction 

$125  Per Hour

Consultation required. Color corrections can take 6-8 depending on how in depth the color correction process.


Haircut & Treatment Services

Enjoy an expert, precision haircut customized by on our excellent team members. 


Women's Haircut


Enjoy a relaxing shampoo in our spa like shampoo room followed by a customized, precision haircut. All haircuts include a shampoo and blowout.
*Add a 10 minute scalp massage for $15!*

Men's Haircut


Enjoy a customized, precision haircut or clipper cut and neck shave followed by a relaxing shampoo and hot towel. Includes a blow-dry and style.
*Add a 10 minute scalp massage for $15!*

*Add a beard trim and shape up for $20*

Signature Conditioning Treatment 


Add on signature conditioning treatment to any of our color or haircut services. Ask one our team members to customize one of our 3 conditioning treatment choices for you today! You can enjoy a conditioning treatment between services too, just add on a blowout service!

17 Minute Miracle 


Is your hair severely damage, dry and dull? Add on our 17 minute miracle treat for full restored locks with Joico's 4 step miracle treatment. We start with clarifying the hair of impurities, then we close the cuticle so your hair can fully hold onto the nutrients your hair will be receiving then we do Joico's revolutionary K-pak reconstructor followed by quenching your hairs dry and thirsty locks, leaving you with healthy, beautiful hair!

Defy Damage Treatment 


Getting ready to have big color service performed? Add Joico's revolutionary bond building, bond renewing and bond rejuvenating treatment! Defy Damage makes your hair 5x stronger, 80% less breakage and 90% more color vibrancy and longevity! Once you see it and feel it, you'll believe it! Ask about our Defy Damage home care package today! 
*Add on to any of our color services for $25!*

Express Blowout Keratin 


A quick smoothing solution for fine to medium hair. Lasts 6 weeks. Can be a stand alone treatment or can be added on to any color or haircut service.

Smoothing & Taming Keratin Treatment


Our smoothing and taming keratin treatment reduces curl pattern by 50%, tames frizz by 90% and cuts blow dry and styling time by at least 50%. This keratin treatment helps to make the hair strong, smooth and beautiful and results last 3+ months! This treatment can be performed with any color service or 2 weeks after a color service.

Dry Bar Styling & Bridal Services 

Whether you’ve got a party tonight or you're a blushing bride looking for bridal services, and you are looking for a hair salon that guarantees exceptional services, our highly qualified team are fully equipped to provide you with professional services.

Relaxing Shampoo, Blowout Style 


Enjoy a relaxing shampoo in our spa like shampoo room and a customized blowout.  
*Add on curls for $20!*

Formal Styling


Half up/half down formal style $75

All up formal style $95

*For Bridal Packages click here*

Makeup Application 


Add on a makeup application to any formal up style or any hair service! 
*Strip lashes included!